Become an Affiliate

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Small Changes Big Shifts Affiliate.

It is common to share about programs and products that you value and which produce positive results.

If the Small Changes Big Shifts online programs and products are an aligned fit for how you work and your community/clients, an affiliate partnership can create a profitable venture while working towards greater wellness in our world.

The Program Includes

  • Easy-to-share custom affiliate links
  • Helpful marketing resources
  • Access to affiliate only coupons
  • Tech support
  • Specialized affiliate platform to easily manage your earnings, payouts, sales, and marketing assets

How Does It Work?

It’s easy!

  1. If you are a legal U.S. resident with a U.S. address, simply fill out the affiliate form with your basic contact information, including your PayPal email. We use PayPal for all commission payments.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email, once we verify your company and that you are a good fit for our products, which will contain your login to our affiliate software system.
  3. Log in to your account to find your unique affiliate link and marketing assets. You can also create a custom affiliate link.
  4. Start sharing with your community via social media, email, text, or on your website.
  5. When someone purchases one of our programs or products using your link, you get credit.
  6. Once you have accumulated a minimum of $40 in credit, you will receive a payment through PayPal.

YES, I'm Ready to Sign Up!

We have three affiliate tiers:

Platinum level applies to our approved corporate partners who have access to higher levels of exposure and customer sharing. This level receives 25% purchase commissions.

Gold level applies to the Small Changes Big Shift Champions who volunteer regular time and energy with our programs and services. This level receives 17% purchase commissions.

Silver level applies to any wellness provider or professional who values our whole person educational resources and would like to use them to support their clients/patient. This level receives 10% purchase commissions.

Select your affiliate tier in the drop-down on the Affiliate Application.

Contact Support

Questions? Send an email to

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