Yoga For Gut Health

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Ready to boost your gut health?  

If so, this class – all about GUT HEALTH – is for you! Whether you are experiencing some bloating or some mild to severe GI issues, this practice can help you feel better.

While yoga is known for its benefits on the body and mind, many do not realize that this goes beyond strengthening muscles and improving flexibility.  In fact, yoga poses can help relieve digestive issues through specific poses as well as through stress reduction and management.  Reducing stress can lower inflammation in the gut, ease GI distress, and keep you nourished.

Note: This course is general in nature and is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only. It does not constitute medical or health care advice. If you have medical or health care questions, please speak with a professional medical provider.

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Yoga Sequence to Support your Gut

  • Why Gut Health Matters and How Yoga Helps Improve It
  • 5 Simple Postures – written instructions and video guidance

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