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If you are one of the many people who spends large amounts of time at a desk, this short course is for you!

Did you know that 83% of workers in the United States suffer from work-related stress?  What is the number one cause?  Excessive workload.

Numerous studies have also shown the negative impact of “Sitting Disease” as well as the fact that sedentary jobs have increase 83% since 1950.

Incorporating yoga into the workplace can improve mental and physical health.  The poses of yoga can help reduce physical pain, workplace stress and also decrease absenteeism.  With energy levels increased, you will be more productive and motivated at work and less prone to burnout and returning home fatigued.

These simple postures that you can do right at your desk is the perfect answer to take that yoga break and give time for yourself so that you can serve and give back to others.  No workout clothes or special equipment needed.  All you need is yourself & your office chair.

Note: This course is general in nature and is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only. It does not constitute medical or health care advice. If you have medical or health care questions, please speak with a professional medical provider.

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Yoga for Office Workers

  • Tips for Incorporating Yoga into your Day
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