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Mastering Movement for Lifelong Health

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We invite you to unlock the transformative power of movement for enduring vitality and well-being. Your body thrives on motion—it’s the key to unlocking a life of sustained health and vitality.

In this course, you’ll explore how movement contributes to enduring health and vitality.

Learn about the detrimental effects of prolonged sitting, often termed “sitting disease,” and discover practical strategies to combat its impact. Dive into the anatomy of movement, understanding how your bones, nerves, muscles, and fascia work together.

Gain hands-on experience with 12 targeted exercises designed to enhance mobility and counteract the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. From workplace ergonomics to everyday movement patterns, uncover actionable insights to support your body effectively.

This program is ideal for individuals looking to prioritize physical activity and develop habits that promote lifelong health. Join us on this journey to discover the energy, strength, and well-being that come from embracing movement in your daily life!


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Course Content

Move Your Body

  • Getting Started
  • Perspectives on Exercise and Movement
  • Balance and Your Body
  • Stability and Mobility
  • 12 Exercises to Keep you Mobile

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