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We have all been taught to buy, consume and collect stuff. Our lives are FULL of stuff. Our closets are overflowing with clothes we don’t wear. Our junk drawers are spilling over with knick knacks we don’t understand or use. But this extra stuff and junk isn’t just limited to our home. We are busy people living in a busy world. Sometimes that means we choose junk food over clean food. We even fill our hearts, minds and soul with critical and judgmental thoughts. If this sounds like you, it’s time to clean house. Let me help you let go of some of that clutter filling up your home, body and spirit. Let’s make room in your life for what you really want.

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Course Content

Free Your Space

  • Welcome to the Free Your Space Program!
  • What’s true (and not true) about decluttering
  • Why are we so attached to our things?
  • Why clutter makes us more emotional
  • Surprising ways your energy is being drained
  • How to make a plan that won’t overwhelm you
  • Your front door is more than an entryway
  • Secrets to create a calm entryway
  • How your living room impacts your well-being
  • Why the kitchen is the heart and health of your home
  • Shift the energy in your bedroom to sleep better
  • Feel more renewed every day and night
  • Invite more productivity and focus into your life
  • How to leave and arrive home in a better mood
  • Why your brain health is just as important as your home
  • Clearing mental clutter
  • How breathing clears your mind
  • Free time on your calendar
  • Why routines help clear our mind
  • How food creates clutter in the body
  • Where do you go from here?
  • Final thoughts

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