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Build Your Community

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Embark on a dynamic 21-day journey with our digital program, guided by our Wheel of Support model. Each day, you will access material in your dashboard focused on vital aspects like self-care, family dynamics, friendship, professional relationships, and more, backed by compelling scientific insights on the profound impact of community on overall well-being.  At the end of the program, you will have a better idea how to build their community, a healthy way to find those connections, and ways to keep those relationships resilient in life.

As you build your support team, you can experience reduced stress levels as you cultivate strong social connections, providing crucial emotional and practical support to cope with life’s challenges. Gain invaluable tools to combat loneliness and social isolation, promoting better mental health outcomes and fostering a sense of belonging and purpose. Plus, enjoy the benefits of improved physical health, longevity, and resilience, as you build a supportive network to navigate life’s journey with confidence and vitality.

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Course Content

Build Your Community

  • Introduction to Building Your Community
  • How to Restore Who You Are and Keep Your Mind Balanced
  • How to Reset Your Aura and Shift Energy Inside of You
  • How to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence
  • How to Create Healthy Expectations in Your Relationships
  • How to Step into More Vulnerable Relationships
  • What to Consider About Your Current Friendships
  • Developing Boundaries in Your Life
  • Building Your Resilience Alongside Friends
  • Building a Connection with People at Work
  • How to Develop Your Friendships at Work
  • Building Resilience Alongside Colleagues
  • How to Better Your Relationship with Your Pet
  • How You and Your Pet Can Build More Resilience Together
  • How to Connect with Others on a Spirit Level
  • How to Tell if You Are Building a Spiritual Connection with Someone
  • How to Have More Meaningful Conversations
  • Do You Have a Connection with Your Practitioner?
  • Improving Your Vulnerability with a Provider to Build Connection
  • How to Nurture a Relationship with a Provider
  • Final Thoughts

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