Align Your Posture (Shift Experience)

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You will discover and explore the importance of your nervous system and its connection to posture. Each day, we’ll give you a homework assignment to begin making changes to your posture and your life. We fully believe that small changes make big shifts. For 21 days, we’ll share a lot of information about spinal hygiene and posture. Put simply, spinal hygiene and posture are important because of the role they play in maintaining a healthy, responsive nervous system. For $21, a dollar a day, you can shift your posture, your health, and your wellbeing. You will discover and explore the importance of your nervous system and its connection to posture. You have the power to positively change your life forever!

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Course Content

Align Your Posture

  • Welcome to the Align Your Posture Program
  • Posture Myth Busting
  • The Story of Your Spine
  • Assessing Your Posture
  • How Do You Feel in the Morning?
  • Morning Stretches After Waking Up
  • Super Foods for the Spine & Inflammation
  • Choosing Shoes for the Day
  • How to Sit in Your Car
  • Lunch Break Spinal Motion
  • How Long Are You Sitting Each Day?
  • Your Spine Affects Your Emotions
  • Posture at Home Matters, Too
  • What Are Spinal Subluxations?
  • Changing Phone Habits for Your Posture
  • Why Movement is Medicine for the Body
  • Your Posture Changes Your Breathing
  • Digestion Trouble? Look to Your Posture
  • Your Jaw and Posture Matter to Each Other
  • Why Hip Health Influences Your Posture
  • Poor Posture Can Affect Blood Pressure
  • How to Create a Routine & Sustain It

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